About Us

Our Experience


After many years of experience successfully listing new product categories on Amazon,  we want to share our experience and knowledge to those who are new to the channel. What we learned is that making informed, strategic decisions in advance of setting up your products leads to long term success and maximum revenue and profit potential. 

Our Approach


We will analyze your business and product categories, competitors and market leaders. We recommend what products and gross margins have the best chance of success competing in Amazon's hyper-competitive environment. We identify the correct departments and product categories, perform keyword research and insure image quality and descriptions.

Why Us?


Our commission only fee structure insures our interests are aligned with yours. There are no upfront costs and no long term contracts. We recommend the best point of entry for your products and trust that if you are happy with our service, you will continue to utilize our support. You can choose to manage your listings on your own and we will support you for a reasonable hourly rate.